Jesus Saves

Who Is Jesus?

The questions we like to ask about God are endless: “Is God real?” “are what we know about Him really true?” and “What does He have to do with my life?” to list just a few.

The Bible may not answer all our questions about God – in fact, it could lead us to ask fu…

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Jesus Cares!

Does Jesus care about you? Yes, He does! How do we know this?

Often we disqualify ourselves from God’s love because of our history, our failures, and our shortcomings. Sin has separated us from God and we can never make up for our sin by self-improvement or good w…

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A fresh start...

To be made whole, or to be saved, is to submit to God and His plan and purpose for our lives. It is a turning from our old ways and turning to Jesus, to ask Him for forgiveness from our sins and to give us new life in Him.

Romans 10:9 says: “If you declare with y…

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