Aham Igbokwe MA, CISSP, CISM
Host Pastor, MFMDanielCentreUK

Born in Great Britain of Nigerian descent, Pastor Aham is a Cybersecurity consultant at a global company. He is married to Sister Ene; both live with their children in the Royal County of Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Pastor Aham joined MFM Ministries at Lagos Region 7 in March 2001. A commissioned JP for England & Wales, he is a coveted Bible teacher whose transformational leadership gifting resonates from the local church. Amid MTMS advanced schools laurels, Pastor Aham has a Master’s degree in Theology and Leadership from the University of Roehampton, London.

An ardent reader with astute aptitudes, his authored books include Deliverance Pathway to Holiness, 7 Days without Prayer Makes One Weak, and Praying the Word One Hour. The books are available wherever good books are sold, e.g., on Amazon.

Pastor Aham is at his best when proficient and influential without times of averageness or irrelevancy, albeit self-perceived. He enjoys working cum ministry by finding where he can be creative, personably engaging, and delivering ahead of timescales and above well-informed expectations. His ethos is to find enjoyment in personal life through increased godliness, developing a wider circle of Christian influences by finding opportunities to use his talents, gifts, and skills as a trusted adviser, thinker, speaker, deep-generalist, and Cybersecurity professional.

On Bible stance of Philippians 4:13, Pastor Aham posits he can do anything he sets his mind to, especially teach and preach the untainted salvific gospel of Jesus Christ. The life journey of Pastor Aham consists of wholeheartedly living for God in Christ Jesus by the agency of the Holy Spirit as his adjudged reasonable sacrifice (Romans 12:1) in the foreseen result of spending eternity with the Godhead. Also, earthly influence others on the true essence of life (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

Pastor Aham looks to bequeath selflessness, amiability, resourceful interdependency, biblical faith, and godliness.

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